How it works

Our Pallet Porter® technology is a highly efficient logistics solution that enables you to maximise cube by creating a 2nd cargo level while protecting the goods below.

By operating at 100% capacity, you save on fuel costs and reduce your CO2 emissions. It is ideal for all forms of global transportation by land, sea and air.

All of our Pallet Porter® solutions are simple to use and can be quickly assembled by one person around your palletised load. Each unit protects the goods inside, and it allows for varying pallet heights. It can also be used with loose cargo.

Once loaded, Pallet Porter® creates a completely flat 2nd level for other goods of any description to be transported. This maximises the cube available, ensuring you are able to distribute as much cargo as possible in a single journey.

Pallet Porter® is a highly efficient solution. We have helped one client increase their cube by 30% and take 500 trucks off the road each year.

There are three solutions – the Pallet Porter® MAX and the Single Pallet Porter®, which is available as a reusable plastic or recyclable corrugated cardboard version.

All are designed for Euro, Standard UK Pallet / US Pallet sizes to match existing fleet infrastructures. We can also provide custom-sized recyclable Pallet Porters to meet specific needs.



single pallet porter - reusable



single pallet porter - recycled



pallet porter max environmental and economical

Our expert representatives will consult with you to understand your requirements and determine which 2nd level solution best meets your business.