2nd Level Solutions offers Payload Porter – a highly efficient logistics solution for the global transportation industry.

Payload Porter maximises cube by creating a 2nd cargo level while protecting the goods below. It also saves fuel and reduces Co2 emissions.

Suitable for truck, sea container and air ULD

Global Patent Pending

Watch Payload Porter in action

We take trucks from half empty

To maximum capacity

Which creates these benefits

Reduce fuel costs Reduce CO2 Reduce truck rolls

Maximum cube Protect payloads

Payload Porter is available as two solutions

Our reusable plastic system


Our one-time-use recyclable cardboard system


How it works

  1. Use a payload porter around your palletised load to create a 2nd level.
  1. Now add up to 500kg per payload porter or maximize your cube.

Nest them together and you have a 2nd level

It can take up to 26.5 Metric Tons or the maximum cube of the truck

Also maximise cube and weight in sea containers


And on air pallets


Annual rental scheme

The 2nd Level Rental Service charges per annum, per system with unlimited use.


Benefits include:
Small handling footprint
One-person assembly
Efficient stacking
Simple storage and returns

Payload Porter – a logistics solution that reduces costs, Co2 emissions and provides greater product protection.

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We have a wealth of experience in advising logistics & QA management on which passive protection solutions will best suit their needs.

Get information on pricing, product availability and thermal performance data.

We have in-depth knowledge of logistics, cold chain, temperature controlled logistics, temperature controlled packaging and passive thermal insulation for the supply chain.

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